Andon Guenther Of Enemy Reign Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!


Andon Guenther Of Enemy Reign Interview About Randy Blythe Manslaughter Charges And More!

Andon Guenther, Enemy Reign
Andon Guenther, Enemy Reign

Andon Guenther, Enemy Reign

When a fan jumps on stage and doesn’t jump off, what do you do?

Throw a drumstick at them (but only after they stay to the end of the song… only then is my aim truly on point). That usually does the trick… or just let em hang out till they get bored. Which ever one comes first. I am of course joking… Usually security does a good job of that… or other fans. Self policing is an awesome aspect of the death metal scene.

Have you ever injured a fan while performing?

Yes. Then they weren’t a fan after that. So No… I haven’t. … But again.. Seriously, No. I wouldn’t dream of it.

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you accidentally killed a fan while performing?

No. Because no one would ever think that something that horrible could ever happen.. especially to a fan.

What are your thoughts on the Randy Blythe case?

There is his side… Their side… and then the truth. I think that no musician would ever, intentionally or unintentionally try to harm a fan. No matter what the circumstance. It’s unheard of and ludicrous.

Will you tour in the Czech Republic in the future?

Yes. But we will be careful and try to keep the kid gloves on. We want everyone to come out and rock out… But that doesn’t include injuries. It’s no fun if people get hurt.

Anything you’d like to add?

I would like to say that everyone who has heard about this feels horrible for all parties involved. It’s a sad story for anyone no matter what end of the music business spectrum you happen to exist within. I do find a common thread though… the facts themselves seem obfuscated at best. I would like to know more about the video footage, the local investigation, hospital admittance, quality of care… you get the picture. We are only getting some of the story… that much is obviously true. Our hearts and minds are with Randy Blythe and Lamb Of God. No band needs this type of drama. Especially on tour. Much to the public’s surprise, touring ain’t easy, and this wouldn’t make it any easier, that’s for sure. Hang in there guys… this will all be over soon.