Ambassador Gun, Golden EagleAmbassador Gun deliver heaps of aggression across Golden Eagle, the Minneapolis metalers second full-length since forming in 2005.

Fusing hardcore, grind, and plenty of scrap-happy riffing, the trio doles out 11 bare-knuckle jaw-jabs in 30 minutes with a reckless vibe that is exhausting. Pummeling violently through the uneven opener, “Wounded Knee,” the band finds its footing on the throttling “Christbastard” and doesn’t look back. Tortured vocals and time-signature shifts are the trio’s calling card, proving power through unkempt rage and uncaring ethos.

Golden Eagle is a rapid-fire, feral collection of shotgun blasts. One listen is enough to understand that Ambassador Gun has landed.

Golden Eagle is out now on Prosthetic Records.

Rating: 3/5 Stars


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