Having grown up alongside older siblings in the ’70s and ’80s, I was exposed to perhaps the pinnacle of hard rock/ early metal. Our house flowed endlessly with the sounds of Deep Purple, Cream, Boston, KISS, Alice Cooper, and a plethora of absolutely amazing classic rock musicians who I love and admire to this very day. So taking a listen to Alms sent me home, per say, to that magnificent time in my life where my ears and my very soul were caressed with phenomenal rock.

Hailing from Baltimore Maryland, Alms present their debut album, Act One, and it is one to behold. They get their inspiration from Deep Purple, early Scorpions and the like, and they present their art with a modern edge.
Check out the trippy, Hawkwind-style effect on “Dead Water” with some sludgy doom essence. “The Toll” has a mournful soul and a major Black Sabbath feel in the vein of “Iron Man.” Add  southern rock hints and a slight fuzzy psychedelia, and you have a work with no shortage of quality.

With a balance of male/female vocals and grooving riff heaviness, Alms create masterful music with a gossamer finesse that needs to be heard.

Act One is out October 26 on Shadow Kingdom Records. Buy it here!

Alms - Act One - Promo

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