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If there is one thing that the metal community does better than any other is that we are there to back each other up no matter what. Through the good times and the bad, we are a family, and some of our brothers need some assistance right now. The great Allegaeon is about to kick off their tour in support of Arsis next week (dates here), and they’ve run into van trouble. By that I mean they don’t have one anymore. Their tour van, affectionately called “Veronica,” finally called it quits on them, and they need a new way to get around and bring us their incredible music! Here’s their statement: “Hey there ladies and gents. We are currently stranded in Junction, Texas. Our van (Veronica) has finally called it quits. We’re looking to solve the issue but that requires money. If feasible, feel free to donate to our PayPal account so we can get back on the road. Our PayPal account is under We still have over a month of touring left. We love you guys and thank you!

In case you forgot, they unleashed one of 2014’s finest records back in June. “Elements Of The Infinite” is just a relentless attack of true metal, and a record all fans should know by now. If you haven’t heard it yet, I’ve thrown their two latest videos up below just to remind you why this should be in your collection. As for the van troubles, it’s up to you. $1 or $100. Anything helps at this moment, but they deserve our help, and plus, they MUST be on this tour! Donate what you can to their Paypal account at, and spread the word!