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Allegaeon are not only here to bludgeon you with vicious death metal, they are here to make you think. Their third album, Elements of the Infinite, is a raging presentation of time changes, melody, shredding guitar and brutal vocals that tackle various scientific subjects and theories.

This isn’t Allegaeon‘s first foray into this specific style of metal, but this is their best offer yet. An entire album of straight death metal can be daunting and repetitive to listen to, but they know how to break that mold with melody and, courtesy of classically trained guitarist Greg Burgess, classically-inspired breaks and interludes.  Allegaeon have been on my radar from the start with their 2010 album Fragments of Form and Function, but when Formshifter hit the shelves in 2012, including the huge song “Behold (God I Am),” I knew this band was onto something, and they earned a permanent rotation in my personal playlist. With some line up changes,  like the addition of drummer Brandon Park and second guitarist Michael Stancel, the current line up of vocalist Ezra Haynes, bassist Corey Archuleta and Burgess have found the magical combination of talent they have been seeking.

“Threshold of Perception” broadcasts the direction of this album from the onset. “Dyson Sphere” contains a bit more of an accessible sound than other songs here, and “1.618,” the album’s first single, is a blistering fury of manic guitars and blast beat drums. “Gravimetric Time Dilation” is a whirlwind of impeccable guitar work, and Burgess and Stancel burn this one to the ground. “Biomech II” is a continuation of “Biomech from Fragments” and is the angriest song here with its flurry of blast beats and thick riffs. “Genocide for Praise – Vals for the Vitruvian Man” is the high point on this album, and it showcases what the entire band in almost 13 minutes of some of the heaviest shredding metal I’ve ever heard.

Allegaeon have created perfection in Elements of the Infinite, and it will garner them the respect and attention they have earned and deserve.

Elements of the Infinite is out now on Metal Blade Records.

 Rating: 5/5 Stars