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All Hail The Yeti: "Screams From The Black Wilderness" Review By Rich Pia!

All Hail The Yeti: "Screams From The Black Wilderness" Review By Rich Pia!

All Hail The Yeti: "Screams From The Black Wilderness" Review By Rich Pia!

Formed in 2006, All Hail the Yeti, who hail from Hollywood, California, are back with their second full-length, Screams from a Black Wilderness. The album comes four years after their first album due to some crucial line-up changes within the band. Self-described as a blend of groove, stoner and hardcore, Screams from a Black Wilderness draws on what their past releases while at the same time propelling them to the next step of the evolutionary process.

“Before the Flames” begins with a slow, swelling intro and changes into clean guitars that build a dark feel and propel into some well flowing thoughtfully constructed heavy verses. Growling vocals are balanced with clean vocals, which provide no shortage of harmonies. The big chanting chorus provides the hook and the grooves that keep the listener engaged. There is also a great breakdown mid-song which keeps things interesting. “Plague Dance” fires full speed from the start with a semi-thrashy gallop before dropping into a half time verse. The balance of growling and clean vocals is solidified and the vocal harmonies are present throughout. The changes flow effortlessly. “Mr. Murder” is another standout track featuring Brock Lindow of 36 Crazyfists. The song is uptempo with plenty of bounce through the verses leading into a hook laden chorus and some well placed breaks to highlight some rhythm section unity. A breakdown just past mid-song ads texture and then builds to a crescendo through a snare roll in a heavy half time groove before steering back into the chorus. Other noteworthy tracks include “Let the Night Roar,” “Daughter of the Morning Star” and “Breaking the Wheel.”

Produced by Matt Hyde, the quality is stellar, and I feel was able to get the most out of everyone performance wise in what is an overall and exemplary release. The power of the groove is present start to finish. Harmonies and hooks are prevalent throughout the album. All Hail the Yet is made up of Connor Garritty on vocals, Nicholas Diltz on bass, Ryan “Junior” Kittlitz on drums and Alan Stokes on guitar. While the band faced lineup changes prior to the bulk of the writing process, I must say that the players not only mesh well as far as ability, but stylistically as well, which is equally important.

Screams from a Black Wilderness is out now on Minus Head Records. Buy it here!

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