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Alkaloid: “The Malkuth Grimoire” Album Review by Jason Zins!


Alkaloid: “The Malkuth Grimoire” Album Review by Jason Zins!

I was speechless upon first listen of Alkaloid‘s The Malkuth Grimoire. A collaboration of royalty among the death and prog genres of metal, they have produced an album unlike anything I’ve heard before. Featuring current and former members of Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Aborted, Dark Fortress, God Dethroned, Blotted Science and Noneuclid, they blend their influences into a giant swarm of progressive death metal. The marriage of these genres sometimes can be overbearing, but Alkaloid turns this fusion into perfection, dancing the line between both genres finitely.

“Carbon Phrases,” a nine-plus minute opus, is a breathtaking example of what these highly skilled musicians can pull off. Brutal time changes, beautiful interludes and razor sharp riffs keep your interest piqued throughout, and this is one of those songs you can listen to and never know how long it really is! “From A Hadron Machinist” is more brutal, but it is also more atmospheric. “Cthulhu” really showcases the heavy side of the band., and Morean‘s vocals blend perfectly with the storm of guitars showcased here. “Alter Magnitudes” escalates the pace to breakneck speed, but it also infuses harmony and melody throughout. “Orgonism” takes you on a journey through beautiful passages and dueling vocal styles, and “Dyson Sphere,” a four-part composition, is an  altogether different journey that specifically highlights these guys talents, both in songwriting to musicianship. It is truly a prog-lover’s dream! The title track is a lesson in brutality and takes you into the realm of blast beats and jugular-slicing riffs. “Funeral for a Continent,” the 12-minute album closer, is a melodic ride through perfect guitar interludes and harmonies.

I was completely taken aback by The Malkuth Grimoire. Alkaloid have taken genres of metal that normally don’t work together and created the perfect storm. The bar has been raised!

The Malkuth Grimoire is self-released and available March 17 worldwide. Pre-order it here!

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