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Aye, ye scoundrels. Batten down the hatches and hide the rum, Alestorm are hitting the high seas again!

Alestorm love to have fun. This is an element that is missing from music in this age of a billion sub-genres and genres. They combine all the elements of their favorite genres and add huge doses of fun – and booze – and whip the pirate metal circle pits into a frenzy. Since their debut in 2008, Alestorm have delivered more fun than imaginable, and it is clear from the first notes of “Walk the Plank” that Sunset on the Golden Age is going to be a treat.

That album opener is power and folk metal wrapped up and arena ready with a shouting chorus and screaming guitars. “Drink,” the album’s first single is a new breed of sing-along pub songs, boasting lyrics such as “Heavy metal pirates we must be, So give all your rum and beer to me!”  “Magnetic Force” brings forth some brutal vocals mixed in with the “traditional” sound that Alestorm are known for. “1741 (The Battle of Cartegena)” brings out the band’s power metal side of the band; it is a heavy metal opus. “Wooden Leg!” and “Quest For Ships” are fast with a punk feel.

The cover of “Hangover,” the mainstream Taio Cruz song, was a big surprise.  It’s sure to be a huge part of Alestorm’s live show. For those who aren’t familiar with the song, it is easy to presume it is one of the band’s own. It’s a cover, but you would think the band wrote it. It fits perfectly in the album. The title track, clocking in at 11 minutes, closes the album with an epic feel.

Alestorm have the ability to take massive amounts of fun, mix it with their pirate themes, and write extremely catchy, heavy songs.  No other band exhibits this quite like these guys do.

Sunset on the Golden Age is out now on Napalm Records.

Rating: 5/5 Stars