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Machinist - Black List

There’s a lot of stuff I can do in seven minutes and 28 seconds. To name them :

1) I can cook eggs and clean the pan

2) Lose interest in a movie

3) Drive to work

4) Work through the shame of having drank a half gallon of Egg Nog in two sittings

While the list goes on, one thing I never thought I’d do in 7 minutes and 28 seconds was listen to an entire hardcore EP that I actually enjoyed. Machinist! delivered exactly that with their newest EP, Black List. 

 Like a bar fight, it’s fast, dirty and loud. That being said, this EP really does well at articulating all the sounds of the band without becoming mush … so… maybe a pub fight at an 1800 era gentlemen’s drinking establishment?  It’s not something you hear a lot in unsigned hardcore (and by hardcore, I mean old school hardcore, not bounce-core scene bait). To be succinct, it’s very dense.

Not only is it sonically dense, the themes are pretty dense as well. I generally get annoyed with hardcore bands for 2 reasons: 1) there are almost always too many in any local scene, and by too many I really mean “too many that aren’t very good,” and 2) almost every one I’ve heard has stupid lyrics about staying true to their friends. That being said, these elements are absent from this release. Machinist! address the institutions of man’s authority, both internal and external, and mortality of them all. Or at least that’s how I interpret them. The point is, you can fucking interpret them, which is the mark of art: an element of abstract that allows for a more personal meaning to be taken. For example, take this: “Name me but do not define/ Sink into morning and hide/Unclaimed by mothers ashamed shadows that fathers forgot.”

Far superior to some shit like, “I’ll stay true to all my friends / All girls are whores to the very end.”

Machinist! are the type of band I like to see around. I love bands that make me make exceptions. Although I usually don’t care for hardcore, they are that exception. I usually don’t find that hardcore bands have to dig for lyrical content, but Machinist! are that exception. Check out  Black List.

Black List is self-released and out now.