Album Review: Sinaya, “Maze of Madness”

There’s no doubt about the female power in metal circles. Women rock, and while vastly outnumbered in the throngs of extreme metallers, they can seriously hold their own. Take Sinaya, for example.

Sinaya‘s blistering Maze of Madness album has been on repeat for weeks now, and this reviewer (despite having full access to the press material) had no inkling that a full-female lineup is responsible for these eight grinders until a day or so ago. Naive? Maybe. Impressed? Yes, whether women or men, this album is a monster.

Formed in 2013 and reconfigured in 2015, Sinaya – Mylena Monaco, Renata Petrelli, Bruna Melo, and Cynthia Tsai – wield their instruments like artillery, firing away with fortitude and aggression. Robust riffing and guttural (yet discernible) growls are the call to arms on the album-opening “Abyss to Death,” a fierce introduction to these Brazilians. “Bath of Memories” chugs effortlessly, featuring well-formed tension, and “Infernal Sight” demonstrates a mastery of tempo in its rhythmic twists and turns. The fork-tongued fury spewed from each of these tracks is intense, reflecting as much admiration for classic death metal as for forward-thinking, next-gen genre worship.

There are few experiences as satisfying as cranking up an unfamiliar band and quickly losing space and time. Sinaya are one of those bands that are delivering an unrelenting experience that must be heard to be believed. Bow down to Maze of Madness. Viva Brazil!

Maze of Madness is out August 10 on Brutal Records. Buy it here!

Sinaya - Maze of Madness - Promo

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