Album Review: Return To Void, “Memory Shift: The Day After”

Return to Void, a Finnish metal band with progressive elements, formed in 2015 and started as an acoustic tribute to Bruce Dickinson’s solo material until they decided to take their own original path. Memory Shift: The Day After is their second album, and it will be released on August 10 via Pitch Black Records.

I was quite taken aback by the smooth flow of the songs, gritty dirty metal numbers punctuated by prog but enough to become boring. This album has a solid production with crisp, clean sound and an energetic punch. “Secret Socieities” and “Midlands” jumped to my attention.

Return to Void most certainly have chemistry.

Memory Shift: The Day After is out August 10 on Pitch Black Records. Buy it here!

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Return to Void - Promo - 2018

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