Album Review: Exocrine, “Molten Giant”


Album Review: Exocrine, “Molten Giant”

Hailing from Bordeaux, France, Exocrine will make their Unique Leader Records debut on August 17. Formed in 2013, the band brings atmospheric elements to their tech-death inspired music. The album, entitled Molten Giant, contains eight blistering tracks that push the envelope and propel its own path to domination.

Molten Giant‘s first single, “Hayato,” gives the metal audience a taste of what these young, determined musicians are capable of delivering. The intro keyboards have hints of the Netflix series Stranger Things, followed by hammer-on riffs. It is after the introduction that the bludgeoning really takes place. Brutality reigns throughout the song with shifts in pace from blasts to breakdowns. The musicianship is top notch; the  drums have metronome precision, and the bass is fluent, delivering the thunderous sound that allows the guitar to devour earworms. The vocals are violent, powerful, and deliver the final nail in the coffin. The subject matter, from what I gather, deals with going to war with a beast of unknown power and with the potential to destroy the world. This could be just fiction or a metaphorical analogy about our current world, but it gives the audience an idea to ponder.

As for the rest of Molten Giant, I seriously have been enjoying the hell out of it. Unlike other bands of the same genre, Exocrine know when to be flashy and when to lay down killer riffs. No track is repetitive, and each can stand on its own merit and evil tendrils. I can’t help but turn the volume up when I push play. This is easily one of my favorite tech-death albums of the year.

Exocrine are one of the newer bands that will help carry the flag of tech-death to its next phase.

Molten Giant is out August 17 on Unique Leader Records. Buy it here!

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