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Aktor: “Paranoia” Album Review By Chelsea Jennings!


Aktor: “Paranoia” Album Review By Chelsea Jennings!

Aktor play mainstream metal with a psychedelic flair that is intended to appeal to fans of the likes of Sandy Periman or Roky Erickson. They also draw comparisons to the premeditated syn-pop that dominated the airwaves in the late-1980s. Aktor’s singer is  known by the dark, somewhat sinister name Professor Black, and he met up with Jussi Lehtisalo and Tomi Lappanen to create the Finnish trio in 2006. Now they are plotting another amazing adventure with their newest release, Paranoia.

Aktor’s latest effort comes in the form of a concept album that takes listeners through the mind of an insane person. It forms a sinister world where the paranoid live and weird things happen both in their minds and in their lives. The sound is complete with piano fills, symphonic harmonies, and even some synth-pop sounds mixed to deliver a crazy journey through a crazy mind.

The album opens up with “Devil And Doctor” in which the patient comes to the doctor’s office and is told that he is going insane. The journey continues through “Gone Again” where piano melodies open the song before leading into a journey into insanity including inescapable nightmare dreams. “Stop Fooling Around” begins somewhat peaceful and relaxing before breaking into a song about how a person can feel trapped in their own minds. “Too Young To Die” brings on a new slew of scary thoughts through letters written to the dead, and “Six Silver Suns” takes the listener to a place where the subject believes he has six more days until he is going to die. His vision includes six suns that will guide the way to this end. “I Was The Son Of God” is written about the gratification of solving an exceptionally difficult problem or puzzle, while“Something Nasty” returns to anxious paranoia.

“Where Is Home” is a reality-check with the protagonist feeling alone and ignored, ruined with no place to go to feel safe. “Never Ending No” sounds a lot like Foreigner’s  “Double-Vision” with a very similar riff, but it this song talks about the idea that this person who is going mentally insane cannot find anyone who wants to help them take care of themselves. “The Mover” finally engage’s attempts at finding a place of belonging.

Many people can relate to stories of nightmares, hallucinations, and fears that accompany anxiety, paranoia, and depression. Aktor may have written this as a fictional concept-album, but much of this can be found in everyday life. From the highs of “I Was The Son Of God” to the lows of tracks like “Never Ending No”, Aktor take you on what can sometimes be a real, painful journey too many people face alone.

Paranoia is out February 20 on High Roller Records. Pre-order it here!

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