After The Burial: “Evergreen” Album Review


After The Burial: “Evergreen” Album Review

Itching for some infectious grooves and a titanium forged album to slice through the day? Look no further than After the Burial’s newest release, Evergreen.

With Evergreen, After the Burial find themselves in familiar territory and take steps to solidify their own sound. Trent Hafdahl (guitars) states: “The song-writing process is almost always the same, but the influence and motivation behind the music is always different. This time around we wrote an album that is wholeheartedly ATB. If you listen back through our catalog you can hear us experimenting with different sounds, soundscapes, playing techniques etc. Some of those have stood the test of time and are still used in our music today, and some were left behind because they didn’t really fit us. I feel very strongly that this album is OUR sound. Our fans could hear this anywhere, without any reference, and say ‘that sounds like an After The Burial riff.’ I guess you could say it’s a more mature release this time around because we weren’t stretching to experiment with stuff that we didn’t know would work. It’s heavy, it’s melodic, it’s slow at times and fast at others. It’s intense and free-flowing all in the same instance.”

One of my favorites is their first single, “Behold The Crown.” The slow key intro is completely deceiving of what the rest of the track holds. Heavy as hell riffs are followed by some guitar pig squeals … my first thought was “holy shit”! Next thing I did was turn the volume up, which is something that deserves to be done with this whole album. The video that followed was pure hilarity and lighthearted. A welcome changed compared to their contemporaries.

“On In Flux” features twists and turns layered that make me feels like my body is slithering to meet the grooves and beats; halfway through, it even has a Meshuggah-type structure. Not many are able to pull this off, but here it is displayed beautifully. The last part of the song gives the listener an endearing and gentle ending as if lending you time to rest before the onslaught of the remaining album breaks you down.

After the Burial know how to write an album and they are one of the most underrated band out there. They should be so much bigger, at least as big as their sound if not more. And I think that with Evergreen people will realize it.

Evergreen is out now on Sumerian. Buy it here!

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