After The Burial: "Dig Deep" Album Review By Jason Z!

After The Burial: "Dig Deep" Album Review by Jason Z!

After The Burial: "Dig Deep" Album Review By Jason Z!

In the metal world, obstacles are inevitable. It seems that, other than stage time, it’s a circus of misadventure 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After The Burial had a huge loss last year with the untimely death of guitarist Justin Lowe. It rocked the entire metal community and left the world with a lot of unanswered questions. Unfortunately, we will never have answers for those questions, but the band has decided to move forward, as hard as it may be.

Dig Deep, as the album is so aptly titled, is darker than their previous releases. Trent Hafdahl handles all the guitar parts, since the band decided not to replace Lowe. And although the album doesn’t break any boundaries in the tech/djent style of metal for which After the Burial is known, it further cements their position as leaders in this genre. Their patented chugs and breakdowns are brutal! Anthony Notarmaso’s vocals are fucking stellar, as always, and Dan Carle‘s drumming is nothing short of impeccable. Lee Foral’s bass holds tight to the rhythm at all times.

“Collapse I” opens the album in a fierce, unforgiving storm of riffs and pissed-off vocals. It’s a living, breathing monster. “Lost In The Static,” my favorite here, has an almost Egyptian tone to it, and the chorus is unforgettable, and Notarmaso’s vocals have a razor-gargling effect here! “Mire” is an all-out assault on your jugular. It’s fast, furious and brutal. “Deluge” is a bit more melodic in feel, but it is no less aggressive in the vocals. “Laurentian Ghosts” starts with a melancholy acoustic intro, then breaks into a chugging feast for the ears. It really harnesses the musicianship and talent these guys have. “Heavy Lies The Ground” is a beast of a song, and it is so fucking heavy that you can feel it in your chest. “Catacombs” is dizzying with a different guitar tone that completely envelopes you. “The Endless March” has more of a thrash/death feel to it, and it’s fast and furious. It’s another favorite of mine. “Sway Of The Break” takes the album out in a traditional After The Burial style. While it’s more upbeat than anything else on Dig Deep, it still harnesses some of the most brutal breakdowns on the album.

Dig Deep is a statement for After The Burial. It’s not only a tribute to Justin Lowe, it screams to the world that they have overcame what was in front of them and are back with a fury.

Dig Deep is out February 19 on Sumerian Records. Pre-order it here!

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After the Burial - Dig Deep