Aether Realm: “Redneck Vikings From Hell” Album Review


Aether Realm: “Redneck Vikings From Hell” Album Review

With an album named Redneck Vikings From Hell you know you’re in for a good time. Aether Realm’s third full length album feels like it has a song for everyone, from the fun title track to the ballad “Guardians” to the 11 minute long instrumental closing track “Craft And The Creator.”

Aether Realm is a melo-death band but a lot of their songs draw influences from other genres, most noticeably folk metal. One thing this band knows how to do extremely well is write some catchy hooks. There are multiple songs on this album that are stuck in my head, particularly the first two tracks, which are also my favorites.

The lyrics on Redneck Vikings From Hell cover a wide range of topics from partying to mental health issues. There are screamed, clean sung, and spoken word vocals on this album and all are done very well. The screamed parts aren’t hard to understand, which is a plus. The vocal harmonies are also really nice, and they add a nice pop to songs like “Goodbye.”

The guitar work on this album is another highlight, and the solos throughout the album are all incredible. The title track has a standout solo, and it even ends with a bluesy part. The most jaw-dropping track for the guitar and other instruments is definitely “Craft and the Creator.” This track starts with a really interesting acoustic part, and there are impressive guitar parts throughout.

Redneck Vikings From Hell is an incredibly fun journey of an album, and it’s one I can’t seem to listen to enough.

Musicianship – 4/5

Lyrics – 4/5

Heaviness – 3.5/5

Overall – 4.5/5

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