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Aenimus: “Dreamcatcher” Album Review


Aenimus: “Dreamcatcher” Album Review

I’ve been abducted by an unseen force today. This is literally the feeling I get while listening to Aenimus‘ new release, Dreamcatcher.

Aenimus have also released their newest lyric video, “Eternal,” which can viewed below. The song is a great representation of Dreamcatcher. It’s a progressive atmospheric death metal conglomeration. But be forewarned – there are some clean vocals on here, yet, surprisingly, they don’t derail the songs, but rather they enhance the music and make the band stand out from many others in their field. They are able to pull off the clean vocals without a hitch, something many bands struggle to do.

As for picking out some favorites, I have a hard time choosing. I thoroughly enjoy the head swirling riffs, rhythmic technical bass lines, eardrum pummeling drum work and doomy key lines. The variety in vocal growls, along with cleans, blends effortlessly throughout giving that extra kick to the throat.

Hold on a second …

Yeah, after going back and listening to Dreamcatcher, I find it quite impossible to pick a favorite. I can’t say that there is one song on here that is just a filler. Each one has a solid foundation on which to beat your senses to pulp … and then pick you up, give you a hug, and tell you it’s OK as you listen to some piano work finishing off a few of the tracks.

This being their second album, Aenimus have proven they have the musicianship to stand toe to toe with other top death metal bands on the Nuclear Blast roster without flinching. This is one of those albums that I’ll be putting on when I need something fast, heavy and unrelenting to get me through the day or night.

Dreamcatcher is out now on Nuclear Blast Records. Buy it here!

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Aenimus - Dreamcatcher - Promo

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