Adrenaline Mob: “Dearly Departed” Review By Chelsea Jennings!

Adrenaline Mob formed in 2011 as a metal outfit who are now releasing Dearly Departed. This release is supposed to set the tone for the next chapter of their career while collectively representing their philosophy and mindset, which include a respect for both the heavy-music genre and their fanbase.

Dearly Departed is a clear representation of the views Adrenaline Mob hold on both hard rock and their diverse fans who enjoy different types of rock music. For fans of acoustic music, there are tracks like “Crystal Clear” and “All On The Line.” These songs feature strong vocal performances by singer Russell Allen and soulful acoustic guitars by Mike Orlando and Erik Leonhardt. For fans of more “traditional” hard-rock, there are tracks like “Snortin’ Whiskey,” which closely resembles a stoner anthem talking about consumption of massive amounts of whiskey and cocaine while living the rock ‘n roll lifestyle, and “Black Sabbath Medley,” which sounds like clips from various Black Sabbath songs sewn together with Ozzy Osbourne-style vocals overlaying the band’s old-school metal style. And for the fans that enjoy ballads and more soulful compositions there are songs like the title track which addresses someone who was clearly toxic to the band and who betrayed their trust by doing horrible things. This situation created pain, hurt, anguish and anger that remain with the members of the band, and it is clear how difficult it is to accept this kind of betrayal. For fans of covers, Adrenaline Mob deliver readings of The Charlie Daniels Band‘s “Devil Went Down To Georgia” and Queen‘s “Tie Your Mother Down.” These tracks have a hard-rock edge and rocking attitudes that aren’t prevalent in the original versions.

The diverse collection of cover titles, traditional tracks and ballad-like singles on Dearly Departed make clear the entire philosophy and mindset of Adrenaline Mob. There is something on this release for everyone. Moreover, it shows the diversity of Adrenaline Mob‘s influences and their willingness to try new, unique things to reach a wider fanbase.

Dearly Departed is out February 10th on Century Media Records.

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