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Act Of Destruction: “Beyond Eternity” Album Review


Act Of Destruction: “Beyond Eternity” Album Review

Out of Chicago, Illinois, we have a gem of a band, Act of Destruction, who create some epic, melodic power metal on their latest album Beyond Eternity. This album is quite massive, actually, and I was wishing it was longer, so I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a full-length in the future.

The album begins with “Eternal Combustion,” and when I pick it apart, I’m hearing a lot of different flavors thrown in. We have what sounds like a bit of black metal riffing, a definite lean towards melodic death metal, and might I add the drummer Jason kicks some ass. “Ascending Into Glory” has that epic power metal feel with the continuation of the gruff vocals. I liken it to a mix of Amon Amarth and Iced Earth. It just seems to crackle into life on my stereo. “Spiritual Infinity” is again a bit different from the others and absolutely focuses on the massive riffs.

The slower pace on “The Source” is hard to describe, but I love it and the medley of elements that fit into a nice groove. This is phenomenal stuff. The fretwork almost sounds as though it is a race, ascending and descending quite beautifully. The finale is “Starkblast,” over seven minutes of a pretty diverse platter, with some notes cutting close to classic Euro-power, while others take the old-school Maiden-esque route and still others explore extreme environs, like black and death metal.

Combined, all the pieces create a pummeling, heavy sound that differentiates it from the herd. It’s a fast-paced, melodic record that exudes enthusiasm around every corner.

Beyond Eternity is out now. Buy it here!

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