Acrassicauda: “Gilgamesh” Album Review By Metal Mark!


Acrassicauda: “Gilgamesh” Album Review By Metal Mark!

Since their formation fourteen years ago in Baghdad, Acrassicauda has truly fought and survived unthinkable situations in order to create heavy metal, and this month they finally saw the release of their first full length album. “Gilgamesh” not only tells a historical story from Iraq, but also transitions it into our generation with a precise heavy metal background. It’s an album that is a must listen from the first note to the last, as the peaks and valleys take you on a musical journey that only certain bands can pull off correctly. Right away you can tell that this is not the same band musically that we saw in the 2007 Vice documentary “Heavy Metal Baghdad,” but a more matured group, that realizes that this album that was once a dream, is now reality.

To be honest, “Gilgamesh” has everything a heavy metal fan is looking for today, and more. As the story evolves, so does the music, therefore you get the heavy metal you’re looking for, but you also get an acoustic song, a ballad, and vocal techniques that create such a powerful essence to the music that it’s beyond impressive to think that this is the band’s debut album. Obviously they’ve had years to master their craft, but “Gilgamesh” exceeds any prior material they’ve written, and the desire and heart in each track is so evident at times that it takes your breathe away. Songs like “House Of Dust” and “Quest For Eternity” are two that exemplify that remark perfectly, but with an album like this, it’s hard to single out songs more important than another. Everything about “Gilgamesh” is important, from the lyrics to the music, and no one knew that more than Acrassicauda.  They’ve delivered on all levels. “Gilgamesh” is passionate, focused, chaotic, and beautiful, and for a fan like myself, I couldn’t be happier for the guys. This is definitely a must have for 2015. Order it here!

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