Accept: “Platinum Editions” Review

Accept are one of those bands who have roots in the ’70s metal world, but who, despite lineup changes, have successfully trudged into the modern era.  They never received the respect they deserved back then, and their first four releases – Accept, Breaker, I’m a Rebel, and Restless and Wild – should be held in the same high regard as classic Judas Priest or The Scorpions albums.  The songs are hard-driving, guitar-oriented, and memorable. Restless and Wild is still one of my all time favorite albums, and in my opinion, “Fast as a Shark,” is one of the songs that pioneered the thrash movement.

While the Platinum Editions of these releases don’t contain any “new” Accept material, each album has a little bonus at the end. The self-titled album comes with an interview of Udo Dirkschneider discussing the origins of the band and the process it took to get them into the studio to record this album. Breaker contains two bonus live tracks of Dirkschneider’s band performing “Breaker” and “Midnight Highway.” The tracks sound great live, and I’m impressed with what he did on this last tour in support of these older albums. I’m a Rebel has a live version of the title track, which, again, sounds excellent and certainly does justice to the original.  Restless and Wild has Dirkschneider’s live versions of “Flash Rockin’ Man” and “Neon Nights.”

I’ve owned all of these albums since the ’80s.  I’ve never forgotten about them and have listened to them many times since they were released.  I appreciate what Dirkschneider has done here, and I respect his contributions to metal. I only hope that someday, he and Accept can set aside their differences and bring this metal machine back to life the proper way!

The Platinum Editions of Accept, Breaker, I’m a Rebel, and Restless and Wild are out April 14 on AFM Records. Pre-order them here!

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