Abysmal Dawn: “Phylogenesis” Album Review


Abysmal Dawn: “Phylogenesis” Album Review

Greetings from the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!! OK, I’ll be honest – No zombies yet. The streets of Budapest are empty except for pigeons and food delivery guys in Budapest. Hopefully, this finds you all well and virus-free! So, what does King Rhino have on his quarantine playlist today? Hmmmmm – just the new Abysmal Dawn album, Phylogenesis. And, may I say, if you are going to go full Jack Torrance on your family while you’re locked up with them, this is the perfect soundtrack.

It’s been six years since we heard from these California death metal boys, and the time has been well spent. Phylogenesis is slab of crispy crunchy riffs, castrate-a-bull drum riffs and vocals that take a prom queen’s virginity from 500 yards. Normally this isn’t my pint of lager, but I am really enjoying this. When death metal is done right, it’s a thing of beauty.

Vocalist and guitarist Charles Elliott is someone to pay ay attention to in the future. This kind of talent tells me he could be next big name is the genre. He has assembled a stellar crew in bass player Elisio Garcia, drummer James Coppolino and guitarist Vito Petroni.

Every song stands on it’s own on Phylogenisis. The production is as sharp as the blade of a samurai sword. Did I mention the totally ridiculously badass cover art? Oh … I just did. Do yourselves a favour and put Abysmal Dawn and Phylogenesis on your music radar. You can thank me later.

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