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Abysmal Dawn: “Inanimate” Video Released!


Abysmal Dawn: “Inanimate” Video Released!

The great Absymal Dawn unleashed one of 2014’s most impressive death metal albums on Tuesday, and it’s a must have for all true metal fans. I’ve always said that Absymal Dawn is one of the most underrated bands in our scene, and “Obsolescence” is their finest album yet. When it comes to modern death metal, they are doing it right, and have been for many years. If you still haven’t heard the record, you can still stream it here, and thank me later!

Today the guys released the amazing new video for “Inanimate” and you can watch it below! Here’s what front man, Charles Elliot, said on the track: “Lyrically this one is about losing your idealism and becoming a cold, unfeeling shell of a human being, in order to survive our modern society. An inanimate object if you will; one without hope that has cut themselves off from emotion. Our experiences in this life can carve us into stone, but they can also desensitize us in the process. In short, this might be the most depressing song you ever wanted to circle pit too.” ENJOY!