About SkullsNBones

Since 2006 SkullsNBones has existed to help support underground bands.  We have tried many different ways to do that over the years, but the primary goal has always been the same.  

Our Story

SkullsNBones is a site built by underground metal musicians, for underground metal musicians.  In the early years of this site we built a social network so we could have a social space for metalheads to meet each other and collaborate. 

Rising costs of the platform forced us to switch gears, and the site eventually changed into a blog that focused on content that supported underground bands. 

The content evolved over the years from basic news and interviews to loads of exclusive content, including interviews, album reviews, live photos, op-eds, and so much more.  Today we are a thriving community of contributors, volunteering for a common cause: underground music.

Who We Are


King Rhino
Jason Zins
Ally Kingsley
Cinn City
Ryan Mikkelson
Rene Botello
Jamie Lee
Sam Roon


Mark Guy
Lina Glasir
Gina Russoniello
Max R. Sequeira
Elliot Levin
Josh Holt
Jeff York
Mike McInnis
Juan Hernandez
Jason Carlson


Eduardo Murillo
Jussi Salolainen


Jamie Lee
Jason Carlson
Sam Roon

SkullsNBones Alumni

Alicia Dove
Shawn Evans
Rhiannon Reyes
Metal Mark
Steve Addeo
Carlos Moreno
Carol La Garde
Ashley Mosquera
Angel Picard-Ami (The Metal Nurse)
Craig Sasson
Sebastian Grotto
Chelsea Jennings
Georgi Bomb
Jon Clark
Jordan Noel
Kevin Hodapp
Melody Black
Michelle ND
Brian Graham
Rich Pia
Hunter Shepherd
Shawn Gillingham
Kim Oguilve
Jessica Pimentel
Lassi Saarinen
Megan Elliott
Manel Amposta
Kristina Wright
Jason Lekberg

Interested In Joining Our Team?

SkullsNBones has been supporting underground music since 2006.  Our team has grown from two beer-drinking metalheads into an organization that has had more than 50 volunteers contributing over the years.

We rely on the scene to drive us, and in turn we do everything we can to support the scene.

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