Our Mission

The mission of SkullsNBones is to bring people together around the metal culture.


Our Story

In the early years of this site we tried to accomplish the goal of bringing people together by building a website on top of a social networking platform with the goal of creating a social space for metalheads to meet each other.  The site eventually changed into a blog and we focused our efforts on supporting underground bands and music to help rally the scene around the artists with impactful content creation.

In 2017 we launch the first iteration of what will be a content-driven social network without the limitations we experienced a decade ago and with all the features you would expect from a social networking site.  We will continue to listen to the people who come to the site and add new features to help support the needs of our growing community.


Who We Are

You can meet the full team directly on the Volunteers page.  This site is run by a team of motivated individuals whose only desire is to contribute to the scene and to the culture in a positive way.  Some volunteers have come and gone but all are permanently part of the SkullsNBones legacy.  Everything else about the people involved is individual so why not say hello on the site?  We’ll see you there!

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