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Belgian death metallers Aborted have been wreaking brutal havoc on the world for almost two decades.  Never a band to show any mercy, they’ve crushed audiences and gained a solid fan base in that time frame.  They’ve had their share of personnel changes and a few lackluster albums, too.  Vocalist Sven de Caluwé is the lone original member.  But their previous release, Global Flatline, put them back on the palette of death metal fans across the world and resurrected their old school sound.  Now, with the release of The Necrotic Manifesto, they look to crush all listeners with reckless abandon.  This is their most solid release, the production is clean and sharp, and Sven’s vocals have never sounded better.

“The Extirpation Agenda” is a lesson in grindcore.  This is how it’s done my friends – brutality at it’s best!  The title track is as sing-along as death metal gets, and drummer Ken Bedene really shows what he is made of here.  “An Enumeration of Cadavers” breaks it up a bit with a melodic guitar break in the middle, but it is no less brutal.  “The Davidian Deceit,” “Sade & Libertine Lunacy” and “Die Verzweiflung” are all death in it’s purest form. “Coffin Upon Coffin” is my favorite track, and it highlights everything Aborted is about.  It’s riff heavy and has a killer, slower guitar solo break in the middle.

The Necrotic Manifesto is one of their best albums to date.  If you’ve ever been into Aborted, , this is sure to delight your ear drums!

The Necrotic Manifesto is out now on Century Media Records.

Rating: 4.5/5 Stars