Album Review: Aborted, “TerrorVision”


Album Review: Aborted, “TerrorVision”

Carb loading is a good idea before pushing play on Aborted’s newest release, TerrorVision. In fact, it may as well be a requirement.

The death metal vets continue to capture manic ferocity in each of the album’s 11 tracks in a manner akin to tossing a cobra and a mongoose into a burlap sack and shaking it vigorously. They teased the intensity with the release of “Squalor Opera,” the first single, which boasts unbridled aggression teamed with astute precision. But this album harbors so much more. “Deep Red” chugs with unrelenting fervor while the blast beats shift in time and the growls and shrieks deliver unapologetic abuse. Woozy riffing carries “Altro Inferno” into nightmarish territory, and it ebbs and flows like a heartbeat under dire circumstances. Where Aborted truly go to work, however, is on “Vespertine Decay” and the album-closing “The Final Absolution.” Both clock in at more than five minutes and provide such a furious work-out, listeners will be wise to keep a defibrillator within reach.

Aborted’s reputation – documented both on record and in the live setting – is one of intense, frenetic energy, and TerrorVision delivers in spades. They dole out a beating like few others of their ilk, and 22 years into a storied career, they reign supreme.

TerrorVision is out September 21 on Century Media Records. Pre-order it here!

Aborted - TerrorVision Promo - 2018

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