Aborted: "Retrogore" Album Review By Jason Z!

Aborted: "Retrogore" Album Review By Jason Z!

Aborted: "Retrogore" Album Review By Jason Z!

Aborted. Even the name inserts visions into your head. When you combine this with a brutal combination of technical death metal and grindcore, you amplify those visions and feelings tenfold. They are not afraid to be in your face with the lyrics, and they also don’t hold back on the humor department either. They have their own trademark sound which exemplifies a buzzsaw going through a funeral parlor. Vocalist Sven de Caluwe has a shrieking effect to his guttural, straight-from-hell vocals that are unmistakably Aborted. I’ve been a fan for many years, and I can’t tell you how pumped I was to hear Retrogore after their previous release, the brilliant Necrotic Manifesto.

“Dellamorte Dellamore” opens up with a creepy sound bite, which then launches into the title track. It’s a fucking all-out attack that is fast, furious, technical, and captures the Aborted sound. Drummer Ken Bedene is an absolute monster on the skins. “Cadaverous Collection” doesn’t let up for one second, and the frantic guitars of Bij de Leij and Ian Jekelis really do resemble a saw cutting through flesh. “Whoremageddon,” now one of my all time favorite Aborted songs, is nothing short of brilliant. It’s pure death metal played at warp speed with zero fucks given! “Termination Redux,” also the title of an EP released earlier this year, is darker and even less forgiving, if that’s even possible. “Divine Impediment,” the first video release of the album, adds elements of evil and darkness. It’s classic Aborted doing what they do best, and that is grinding you into pieces and leaving you for the crows. “The Mephitic Conundrum” is also one of my favorites here, and de Caluwe’s vocals are killer.

Aborted haven’t broken their own mold they with Retrogore, but what they have done is created another monster album that leaves nothing but carnage in it’s wake. This release shows absolutely no mercy.

Retrogore is out April 22 on Century Media Records. Buy it here!

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Aborted - Retrogore