Aborted Fetus: “The Ancient Spirits Of Decay” Album Review


Aborted Fetus: “The Ancient Spirits Of Decay” Album Review

The greatest thing about metal is that it’s a genre that likely has the most acceptance and tolerance when compared to others. No matter your nationality, race, religion, or gender preference, metalheads are a collective unit, a family of metal brothers and sisters. It is especially important to hold onto this in a world of  endless political chaos. And I note this collective conscious whether I attend a glam metal show or an extreme death metal concert. Metal has no boundaries.

Aborted Fetus arose from Russia around 2000 slaying the masses with its brutal death metal. The topics of their tracks, especially on The Ancient Spirits of Decay, are horror, gore and everything in between. Obviously these topics are very near and dear to the beloved fans of this genre, and behold, we are not serial killers as a result.

Check out the furious drum tempo of “Drenched in Burning Oil” that is absolutely animalistic and raw to the bone. The classic death metal score on “Cold Lake of the Sinner” is true to form and full of pure aggression. The more sinister guitar tones of “Cradle of Revulsion” are thoroughly skull crushing. With tracks like “Eaten By Pigs in the Trough” and “Genital Torture by Alligator Tongs,” listeners may wonder if Aborted Fetus are serious. I dare say after almost twenty years of rip-your-face-off metal, they are indeed.

Hmmm … who could we pair Aborted Fetus with on tours?
The Ancient Spirits of Decay is out May 11 via Comatose Music. Buy it here!

Aborted Fetus - Promo - 2018