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Russian death metallers Aborted Fetus have returned to engulf your soul and throw you into a world of eternal brutality with their third full length album, Private Judgement Day.

Starting the album off right and setting the mood with “Savage Dominance,” it doesn’t take long to realize that your skull is about to be ripped off and possessed by the murderous nature of the album. With extreme guitar riffs ripping through every song, along with severe blast beats and gut-wrenching guttural growls, Aborted Fetus quickly enter the same league as bands such as Suffocation. They plow through each song brutally taking souls as souvenirs; the beginning of the title track is like a twisted horror film with sound bytes of someone being castrated and left for dead. Leaving the best and technically astounding track for last, “Morning Inferno” pierces straight into the ears and explodes the brain with heavy bass and pig squeals sent straight from Hell.

Aborted Fetus and death metal fans alike should treat their ears to Private Judgement Day, set to be released February 18th on Comatose Music. Be sure to give it a listen; I rate it four dead goats out of five.

Private Judgement Day is out February 18 on Comatose Music.

Rating: 4/5 Stars