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North carolina-based death metal quartet Abhorrent Deformity seethe your nerve endings with their latest release, Slaughter Monolith. I am always appreciative of the horror/gore factor in lyrics and this savage delight rapes your eardrums. The band – Mark De Gruchy (vocals), Matthew Green (drums), Jason Keating (guitar), and David Wright (bass) – concoct merciless bastions of sound.

Check out the grisly, gruesome vocals and sadistic noise on tracks such as “Purification Through Dismemberment” and “Swamp of Intestines,” classic death metal fury and stark macabre themes. The instrumental wrath continues with lurid, horrific details throughout the rest of the album. It would be brutally delicious to see a pit decorated with fake blood and body part props to celebrate the grotesque essence of the songs such as “Three Piece Flesh Suit.”

Abhorrent Deformity are without a doubt appropriate for a death metal fest. Slaughter Monolith, although a bit on the tinny side, is classically raw and primitve.

Slaughter Monolith is out August 3 on Comatose Music. Pre-order it here!

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