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Abhorrent Decimation: “The Pardoner” Album Review


Abhorrent Decimation: “The Pardoner” Album Review

Hmmmmmm …. an ass-ripping metal album based on one of Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales? OK … I’m game.

And, what do you know? Abhorrent Decimation pull it off with their new album, The Pardoner. It’s an interesting and intriguing album that follows the story of The Pardoner, a loathsome character from one of Chaucer’s most interesting stories. One moment it is moody, ethereal and orchestral, and the next it boasts pounding, screaming black metal vocals and riffs.

You really can’t single out any single tracks, since it’s one of those albums that must be digested in it’s entirety. I will say that with The Pardoner, Abhorrent Decimation show themselves to be adept and able to handle a project like this.  It would be interesting to see this record performed live in its entirety. Just saying.

The Pardoner is out July 28 on Prosthetic Records. Pre-order it here!

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