Infamous Irish grindcore outfit Abaddon Incarnate are back with a new disc on Candlelight Records entitled Pessimist. Despite the title, fans should be optimistic about the direction in which AI is headed and the bright future in store for them if they continue to release impressive, dynamic, and interesting grindcore.

Formed as a death metal outfit in 1991, Abaddon Incarnate quickly developed a style of relentless grindcore on albums such as Nadir and Dark Crusade that blended the speed and ferocity of grind with the heaviness and musicianship of death metal. Pessimist continues this tradition and lives up to any and all expectations. Recorded and mixed in only three days, it is an aural assault on the senses from start to finish.

The title track, “Aborted Genesis,” and “Yester Hara” storm out of the gate with blasting drums and crunching Napalm Death/Entombed style riffage. Speed is met with precision here, though, and AI don’t miss a single beat or step; everything hits on all cylinders displaying stellar musicianship throughout. “Impaled Upon Your Zodiac” begins with a D-beat style drum-roll and brings the punk influence to the forefront of this record before literally entering into blast-beat heaven. This album is all the more admirable given that it captures a specific moment and sense of creative fire.

Perhaps if Abaddon Incarnate opted to take more time recording this record, the spirit and aesthetic of the songs would have been drastically altered or lost forever. Pessimist is a success for the band and a record  that will enhance their fanbase in the United States following their 2011 split with Orange County crust/grind nihilists Phobia. Grind on!

Pessimist is out now on Candlelight Records.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars