Thanks to the good people at Metal Injection, we now have a new update from Black Sabbath! According to the post, “15 song have been written for the CD, with 12 making the final cut, and the additional three serving as bonus tracks for different special editions! Apparently, guitarist Tony Iommi completed all 15 guitar tracks during the band’s sessions in England earlier this year, and judging by the way most bands record, that would mean drums are done as well. Ozzy and Geezer are working to complete the tracks in five song increments, with the first five being worked on currently. Ozzy is tracking vocals, with bassist Geezer Butler writing all the lyrics. One song title has been confirmed and it’s ‘God Is Dead’. Snippets of Jose’s interview with Ozzy and Geezer will begin airing on Ozzy’s Boneyard (SiriusXM 38) starting next week. You can get a free 30 day trial to SiriusXM by signing up here!”


Via Metal Injection


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