A New Darkthrone Album Is On The Way

Legendary black metallers Darkthrone have released the exciting news that a new album is on the way. They are releasing Arctic Thunder, their first album since 2013, on October 14 via Peaceville Records.

Recorded and produced by the band, it also sees them returning to “The Bomb Shelter,” the rehearsal location that they used from 1988-1990. Arctic Thunder‘s eight tracks focus on hate, contempt, and the inner mind and soul, and with Nocturno Culto handling all vocals for the first time in a number of years, it promises to be a return to form for Darkthrone, and one that is truly welcome!

Because you are now thinking about Darkthrone, here’s a video for “Lesser Men from” The Underground Resistance, their 2013 release.


Darkthrone - Cover

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