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Alicia Dove – A Little About Me


Alicia Dove – A Little About Me

EDITOR’S NOTE: Alicia Dove is the badass entrepreneurial mastermind behind the Cherry Bombs dance group and a former video contributor to SkullsNBones, Metal News Online and HearEvil.  (SkullsNBones is a heavy music website dedicated to supporting underground artists in any way we can.  Check out our Live Photos and Album Reviews sections to help support underground music!)  Like all website volunteers, Alicia contributed where she could and eventually retired from full-time contributing.  We’ve posted some of her old videos below.

Some of Alicia Dove’s Old Video Contributions

We are forever grateful for the energy she brought to the site.  One of her old introductions can be found here:

Hey guys!

My name is Alicia (it’s pronounced UH-LEE-SEE-YA) and you may or may not remember me from Metal News Online as the recap girl. Well, I’m here to let you guys in on some really exciting news – I’m back and I couldn’t be happier to help out my sistas at! Stay on the lookout for some random videos and written pieces from me regarding all things metal and awesomeness, which is basically the same thing as metal, so… there’s that.

A little about me: I hail from Atlanta by way of Seattle, WA and Honolulu, HI. When I’m not trying to attend as many metal concerts as possible, you can find me running a dance troupe of beautiful and talented ladies known as the Cherry Bombs. We’re a rock/metal music based performance group that primarily dances, but we also do really cool things with fire and aerial arts. I’m hoping to grow it to the point of a touring show, opening for various rock and metal acts around the country.

Having grown up in Seattle during the grunge era, I would listen to the likes of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Alice In Chains, but grunge left me wanting something heavier. After some poking around, I found Fear Factory and the band that changed it all for me.  I was hooked immediately. From there, I’ve grown to love all kinds of metal with some of my favorite bands being Gojira, Meshuggah, Lamb Of God, Iron Maiden, and Behemoth.

Thanks for letting me introduce myself! That’s all for now, but I look forward to helping you guys connect with the music, culture, and bands you love.