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Aborted: "Retrogore" Album Review By Jason Z!

Aborted. Even the name inserts visions into your head. When you combine this with a brutal combination of technical death metal and grindcore, you amplify those visions and feelings tenfold….

Aborted Return With “Squalor Opera” Music Video

…the second-half of the song in jaw-dropping fashion. The hype surrounding Aborted is palpable and well-deserved. Bring on TerrorVision! Watch the music video for “Squalor Opera below, and pre-order Aborted‘s…



Belgian death metallers Aborted have been wreaking brutal havoc on the world for almost two decades. Never a band to show any mercy, they’ve crushed audiences and gained a solid…

Aborted - Terrorvision - Cover

Album Review: Aborted, “TerrorVision”

Carb loading is a good idea before pushing play on Aborted’s newest release, TerrorVision. In fact, it may as well be a requirement. The death metal vets continue to capture…

Aborted - TerrorVision Promo - 2018

Music Video: Aborted Release “TerrorVision”

It was only a few days ago that we eschewed the glories of Aborted‘s forthcoming album, TerrorVision (which you can read here ). Today, they continue to provide solid proof…

Aborted Fetus - Private Judgment Day


Russian death metallers Aborted Fetus have returned to engulf your soul and throw you into a world of eternal brutality with their third full length album, Private Judgement Day. Starting…