January 14, 2019

70,000 Tons Of Metal: New Video Features Hammerfall, Guide To South Florida

Thanks to Youtube, those who have experienced 70,000 Tons of Metal can relive the experience and those who haven’t boarded the ship for this epic annual event can get a clear perspective of what goes on while on the open seas. In this episode of 70000tons.tv, the team travels to Houston, Texas to interview Oscar Dronjak of Hammerfall. In addition,

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2019-01-07 Arsis - Boston 8

Arsis Live Photos From Brighton Music Hall In Boston, MA

One of the hottest winter metal tours cruised through the Northeast over the last week, featuring Arsis, SepticFlesh, and Ensiferum. New York City-based photographer Lina Glasir made the trip to Boston, Massachusetts, on January 7 to capture the stop at Brighton Music Hall. Check out Lina’s photos of Arsis below!

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Dodsfall - Doden - Cover

Dødsfall: “Døden Skal Ikke Vente” Album Review

Across the seas is a land I would probably donate one of my kidneys to visit, explore, and relish in the metal. Hailing from Sweden and Norway, Dødsfall began their foray into the mysterious and often controversial realm of black metal around 2009. We have IS on vocals, guitar and bass, accompanied by drummer Telal. They list as their influences

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