December 18, 2018

Overkill - The Wings of War - Promo

Overkill Release First Single From “The Wings Of War”

New Jersey thrashers Overkill will release their nineteenth album this February. If that isn’t enough of an accomplishment (19, really?), in 2019 they will celebrate 39 years as a band. The new album, entitled The Wings of War, was recorded at Gear Recording Studio in New Jersey, SKH Studio in Florida andJrod Productions with engineering handled by DD and Dave.  The have now released the first single from

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Horror Pain Gore Death Productions - 2018 Sampler

Horror Pain Gore Death Recount 2018 With Free Sampler

The spirit of the season is has a hold on metal labels who are delivering free samplers highlighting their 2018 releases. Relapse Records released a 33-track free release (listen here), and now Horror Pain Gore Death Productions are following suite with 34 banging tracks. Listen to the sampler below, and download it for free at Horror Pain Gore Death Productions‘

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Nihilus - Borealis - Promo

Nihilus Release “Splitting Atoms” Lyric Video

It is always encouraging to receive a note boasting new metal from far-away places. Such is the case with Nihilus who hale from Bangalore, India. Nihilus reached out to us via our “Contact” button on the website to share their new track, “Splitting Atoms,” from their forthcoming album, Borealis. We are digging it, and we hope you will too! Watch the

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Death Comes Crawling - Looking For Semblance - Cover

Death Comes Crawling: “Looking For Semblance” Album Review

Death Comes Crawling is a one-person project of Dis Pater (Midnight Odyssey, Dissvarth, The Crevices Below). In fact, the band name originated from a Midnight Odyssey song. With a hint of black metal and huge influences of ’80s synth, dark wave, new wave and goth, Looking for Semblance, the band’s newest release, is exceptionally unique. I am by no means

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