September 13, 2018

Pyrexia - Unholy Requiem - Promo

Lyric Video: Pyrexia, “Angels of Gomorrah”

We have been digging the new album from Pyrexia, and the band have now released a lyric video for “Angels of Gommorrah” from Unholy Requiem. The album drops today on Unique Leader Records. Founding guitarist Chris Basile comments: The second single off of Unholy Requiem, “Angels of Gomorrah,” really encompasses the theme of the album portraying the violent side of biblical writings.

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Bloodbath - The Arrow of Satan is Drawn - Promo

Lyric Video: Bloodbath, “Bloodicide” with Jeff Walker, Karl Willetts

Bloodbath are back and they are cannoballing in with a huge track featuring Carcass’ Jeff Walker, Bolt Thrower/Memoriam singer Karl Willetts and Cancer’s John Walker. The track comes from The Arrow of Satan is Drawn which will see the light of this repulsive world on October 26 via Peaceville Records. Penned by Old Nick (Nick Holmes), he states about the

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Opeth - Red Rocks - Promo 2

Video: Opeth’s Mikael Åkerfeldt Goes Behind The Scenes Of Live Album

Opeth will release Garden of the Titans: Live at Red Rocks Amphitheatre via Moderbolaget Records / Nuclear Blast Entertainment on October 19, and we can’t wait. For those who haven’t been to Red Rocks, it is one of the most gorgeous outdoor venues in the world.  Insert Opeth into the equation, things hit a new level of cool. This release on DVD/Blu-Ray features Opeth‘s

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