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July 2, 2018

Converge - Live

Converge Release Music Video For “Melancholia” From New EP

Gifts from Converge are always welcome, and they have delivered yet another one with a four-song EP entitled Beautiful Ruin, which was released on Friday via Epitaph / Deathwish Inc. The EP comes in the wake of the killer The Dusk In Us album, and the four tracks were recorded during these sessions with the band’s Kurt Ballou at his

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Hail Satan Discuss Pizza, Partying, And “Rad Metal” In New Interview

Hail Satan are a party thrash band based out of Denver, Colorado, who write songs about whiskey, pizza, more whiskey, and all things party. They call their particular brand of thrash “Rad Metal,” which also happens to be the name of their new EP. Hello gentlemen, how are things in the Hail Satan camp today? Like any other day, it’s

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Black Fast: “Spectre of Ruin” Album Review

Black Fast have quickly become a favorite for metalheads in the few years since their debut, Starving out the Light, in 2013. Spectre of Ruin, their newest album, should put the last nail in the coffin, proving they have the musicianship for longevity. This new effort continues on their sonic foundation of creating music that is brutal and well thought

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