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April 20, 2018

Dying Fetus Live Photos From The Ground In Miami, FL

For death metal fans, the most prominent tour of the spring has been blanketing the United States featuring Dying Fetus, Thy Art is Murder, Rivers of Nihil, and Enterprise Earth. Photographer Juan Hernandez was on the ground at The Ground in Miami, Florida, to capture the action when the tour rolled into town on April 7. Following are photos of Dying

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Let It Breathe: “Let It Breathe” Album Review

Yeah, I always dig me some new doomy, sludgy stoner metal. Let It Breathe definitely deliver the goods. The self-titled album features chunky, chunky bass and drums with soaring, mind-altering guitar riffs, and wailing and wistful vocals. It’s the whole kit and doom-filled kaboodle. These are are some great songs that are meant to be listened to on a dark

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