April 3, 2018

Dimmu Borgir Debut “Council Of Wolves And Snakes,” Announce Exclusive North American Shows

Hibernating beasts are unpredictable at best. Their energies are restored, perhaps even increased, and their hunger is relentless. Such is the case of Dimmu Borgir, who are re-emerging from a seven-year sleep that boasted live performances, but was devoid of studio magic. The quiet between 2010’s Abrahadabra and this year’s Eonian is the longest the Norwegians have endured between albums,

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Glorior Belli: “The Apostates” Album Review

Like a shot across the bow of some nefarious ghost ship, the opening notes of Glorior Belli‘s The Apostates summon the woozy nausea of impending doom. But black metal traditionalist be warned – there is more to this album than oscillating blasts and rhythmic hyper strums. These French black metallers – Billy Bayou (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, music and lyrics)

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Legend Of The Seagullmen: “Legend Of The Seagullmen” Album Review

Legend of the Seagullmen should be alternately titled Legend of the Supermen, because they tear it up! Right off the bat you are hit by a flowing epic guitar experience with a catchy chorus that never leaves your brain, burying itself like the earworm I believe it was written to be. “The Fogger” is the creepy song that will haunt

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