March 26, 2018

Antichrist: “Pax Moriendi” Album Review

Hail to Hades and Hephaestus for funeral doom with its dirty, dark and rotten ambiance. Check out Antichrist from the heart of Peru with their latest release, Pax Moriendi, on Iron Bonehead. The devilish lineup is Agalariept (vocalist), Manolo Zaren (guitarist, keyboardist), Gustavo Rodriguez (bassist) and Luis Guerra (drummer). The keyboard-laden dishes are reminiscent of winter, and this album has monolithic

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Aborted Announce New Album, “Hell Over Europe II” Tour

There’s a lot of news flowing from the Aborted camp today. Not only have they announced the title and release date for their new album, but they will be pillaging Europe on their “Hell Over Europe II” tour. Aborted have been working diligently on their newest release, which we now know will be titled TerrorVision. It will be released September

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