April 24, 2017

Orenda Promo

With Our Arms To The Sun: “Orenda” Album Review

In a genre known for pushing the limits of sound and composition, With Our Arms to the Sun have created one ambitious album. Orenda is a prog metal album that demands to be played from beginning to end. Like a mellow acid trip, there are ebbs and flows, there is aggression and adulation, and it is all sewn together into a truly moving experience. Orenda, by

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Firespawn - Promo

Firespawn Release Music Video For “Serpent Of The Ocean”

L.G. Petrov will always be known as the voice of Entombed. Although his place in the band has been volatile over the years, his prominence as one of death metal’s best vocalists has only grown stronger. The vocalist has been quite busy. Petrov and his death metal growl assumed their rightful place fronting Entombed A.D. in 2013, and he is also now fronting Firespawn, featuring Victor

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Monte Pittman

Monte Pittman Releases “Oblivion” Playthrough Video

Guitarist Monte Pittman‘s elaborate fretwork is amazing to listen to, but watching the guitarist play is even more impressive. In his new video playthrough for “Obliterated” off of last year’s Inverted Grasp of Balance, fans have a front row seat for an in-studio performance that is full of his shredding. Watching Pittman’s left hand and fingers is like watching some intricate dance where digits

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