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March 8, 2017

Behind The Sun: “Post Solis” EP Review

After recently really paying attention to Mastodon, I think I have become attuned to hardcore, progressive metal music. And this is a great gateway to appreciating this EP from Behind the Sun, Post Solis. Like Mastodon, Behind the Sun hail from South Carolina, and for some reason the southern states have a phenomenal effect on the musicians that gravitate towards this genre. It’s

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wintersun - the forest seasons

Wintersun Forest Documentary Parts 2 & 3 – “Idea About Crowdfunding” And “The Birth of The Forest Seasons”

Wintersun is coming out with documentary episodes faster than we can post them!  God damn!  The Forest Documentary Part 2 is about the crowdfunding and how the whole thing came from an idea to an actual campaign.  It’s nice to hear that their main consideration was having something for us to receive right away rather than having to wait for them

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Open Letter From Sam Roon On International Women’s Day

Dear SkullsNBones Community- The social norm for men or women in today’s world is not to participate in an anti-status-quo culture, but to conform to the social norms of the society we are brought up in.  By many social standards the gendered expectations of men is that violence is okay within reason and women are to be submissive.  Anger and action

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