Meet Ursula -She-Wolf- Parson

Hello to everyone! My name is Ursula and I shamelessly lifted my pen name She-Wolf from a song on the Megadeth album Cryptic Writings. At the tender age of nine, I was first exposed to metal when my uncle and I watched Extreme Championship Wrestling. After falling in love with entrance music by bands like Alice In Chains and Pantera, I took up the guitar, played for three years (ah, memories of learning the introductory riff to “The Unforgiven” and playing it over and over again in the music room in 8th grade…), and solidified my metalhead status. It has never been cool to like Metallica as much as I do during my lifetime (Cliff Burton died about nine months before I was born), but I’ve never really been about what’s cool anyway.

When I’m not listening to metal, I’m thinking about metal, talking about metal, or writing about metal. I love at least one song from every genre I’m familiar with (okay, MAYBE not disco), but metal is my true passion. My favorite bands include Megadeth, Testament, Diamond Head, Vreid, Metallica, Equilibrium, and too many more to name separately. As a black person and as a woman, I have taken endless shit from people for liking metal. Thankfully, being black and being into metal no longer seems to be such a big deal nowadays. I’m sure you can see where I’m going with this…

It was Tommy Blacha who said, in the voice of Metalocalypse’s anti-hero William Murderface, “Women are physically incapable of achieving brutality. It’s just a cruel fact of nature.” If you’re reading this right now, you probably already know this isn’t true. However, whether or not the Metalocalypse writing team meant the aforementioned statement as a joke, there are countless people out there (male and female alike) who still take it as truth. (Obviously they’ve never attended an Alekhine’s Gun show, but I digress.)

Basically, I’m here to dispel harmful myths like that — misconceptions that metalhead women aren’t as brutal as metalhead men, that we’re not as knowledgeable about the genre we love, and that we’re simply not ________ enough to hang. I’m here to spread the word to (and of) my sisters in metal, and I’m here to rock the house. Any questions?


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