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-(16)- : "The Lifespan Of A Moth" Album Review

Like a moth to a flame!

-(16)- : "The Lifespan Of A Moth" Album Review

There is something interestingly ironic in the title of The Lifespan of a Moth from SoCal doom merchants -(16)-. It is such a fragile and delicate sounding name from a band that plays and performs like a sonic asphalt juggernaut. This is by no means a “pretty” record. But, then again, -(16)- are not a pretty band. These guys all look like they got their day jobs through a local parolee job program at the local auto parts factory, and after work, they drink cheap beer until they’re blackout drunk and then rage out stellar doom/sludge/stoner metal songs in the basement until 3 a.m. You like your metal so crushingly slow and heavy you feel like a glacier is moving over your brainpan? Then you will like The Lifespan of a Moth.

-(16)- have been together 25 years. When you play music like this and go through the lives that these men have, chances are you’re not coming out the other side looking like Zac Efron and sounding like One Direction. Vocalist Cris Jerue has one of the most commanding and powerful voices out there. He has as distinct of a singing voice as David Yow of Jesus Lizard, Neil Fallon of Clutch, and maybe even … wait for it … Phil Anselmo. There, I said it. Jerue is this amazing Charles Bukowski-ish metal singer where every song makes you feel like you woke up hungover and beaten in an alley after a long night of cheap booze and cheaper women. The rest of the band is a powerhouse that back’s the vocals with consistent support and gravitas, including Bobby Ferry on guitar, Barney Louis Firks II on bass and Dion Thuman on drums. For being only three guys, they certainly blast out a sound that makes them sound like a sludge army.

You dig Down, Crowbar,  or Trouble? Check out tracks like “Peaches, Cream and the Placenta,” “The Absolute Center of a Pitch Black Heart,” and “Pastor in a Coma,” and you will dig -(16)-. If that isn’t enough, “Peaches, Cream and the Placenta” is easily one of the best song titles ever!

The Lifespan of a Moth is out now on Relapse Records. Buy it here!

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