1349 Channel Edvard Munch With “Dødskamp”


1349 Channel Edvard Munch With “Dødskamp”

Parents around the globe will likely deny that black metal is an art from. They are sorely mistaken. Innovation Norway, Visit Norway, and the Munch Museum recently commissioned 1349 to interpret their angle on a freely selected work by the famous painter Edvard Munch, and “Dødskamp” is intensely rewarding.

1349 guitarist Archaon commented:

Munch is arguably the biggest Norwegian artist throughout history, together with Edvard Grieg, I suppose. His works are tremendously dark and eerie, reflecting a lot of anxiety, pain and loneliness, in the way I perceive them. So, it suited us perfectly. I chose the work “Dødskamp” which directly translates “Death Struggle” and speaks volumes for itself. It was an emotionally Heavy task, and also a completely new way to compose. As well as some  very long nights, bereaved of sleep. In the end though, it was worth it. This is the soundtrack to the dilemmas of mortality.

Visit Norway has shared a video in which 1349 give detailed insight as to their inspiration behind the song and why they chose that particular piece. Watch the video and listen to the track below.