How To: Uploading Pictures, Videos & Music On SkullsNBones

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    SkullsNBones comes with a lot of built in features. In the coming months and years we will be building additions based on what we think will make the site more useful to people of the metal culture. We’ll also be listening to feedback from you and what it is that you would like to see out of a social network that is being customized to fit your needs.

    Today I am going to introduce you to some of the media options we have as part of your individual profiles. The layout of these is going to change soon from the ugly version (Feb 2017) but the functionality will remain the same.

    As soon as you verify your account you have the ability to:

    • Upload and manage photos, videos and music
    • Create albums of media content
    • Like and Comment on media that you’ve uploaded

    (Please see site rules for what you should or should not upload, especially when it comes to MUSIC: )

    You can access media directly from your profile page by clicking on the Media tab, but pro users will find the extra clicking to be a pain in the ass. Most of us just want to get right to the point and you can do that by hovering over your name in the top right-hand corner of the desktop version of the site. (Mobile users will need to click on your profile image) Here’s what you should see:

    You can click directly on MEDIA to get to a kind of ‘view all’ screen of all your media uploads. What we will do first is click on ALBUMS since you probably have not created any yet. By default everyone is set up with a Wall Posts album that will collect random media uploads to the Metal Feed. I wanted to add a gallery just for amatuer shots of me playing live shows so I created an album called “Making Metal.”

    To do this on your own profile just click on OPTIONS and then ADD ALBUM. You’ll be provided a field where you can put the album title and that’s it, you’ve created an album! Now you get to use the album to upload some different media types!

    Select your media type Photos, Videos or Music from the dropdown in the top right-hand corner or from the very obvious media navigation on your profile and you will be brought to a view that shows you everything you’ve uploaded of that media type.

    Click on the UPLOAD link and you’ll be presented with a couple of options to select how to upload:

    First you would select your Album. In my case I selected Making Metal. I like to share this kind of thing with the world so I will leave the privacy as PUBLIC. Other settings are Private (only you can view), Friends (only you and your friends can view), and Logged In Users (Only SkullsNBones users who are logged in can view).

    The field is dynamic so you can just drag your files inside the dotted lines. You can do this several times as the upload won’t start until you tell it to. You can also click on the SELECT YOUR FILES button and navigate to the files on your hard drive.

    If you make a mistake you can remove media files by clicking on the ‘X’ on the file in the preview section.

    Once you are happy with the files and you are ready to upload, simply click on the START UPLOAD button and the files should zap through a series of tubes in the inter-webs and land themselves as a gallery on your SkullsNBones profile!

    TIP: You should rename your files on your hard drive first to make life easier later! There is an EDIT option on SkullsNBones but it’s probably faster to do it in advance.

    If you’re like me and you want fancier titles for your media files, you can hover over each one and you’ll find an EDIT button (Also a DELETE button).

    When you click on EDIT you are brought to a screen where you can change the Title of the media file, add a description to it, and you can even switch what album it is associated with in case you accidentally uploaded cat pictures to your nipple-piercing gallery.

    From this screen you can also click on the IMAGE tab where you can view the image and even opt to make basic modifications to it. To do this, simply click on the MODIFY IMAGE button.

    Scaling happens dynamically so if you change the height or the width, the other number will reduce automatically so that your image doesn’t get all stretched out and weird. Just enter the number you want and then hit SCALE and it will change the preview. You can revert the change if you aren’t happy.

    You can also crop the image to shave off some pixels from the sides.

    The best way to do this is just to click right on the image and drag the mouse cursor to get the dimensions you want. You can adjust the fine details if you want and just hit the SAVE button when you are finished so your modifications will be implemented.

    You’ll notice the image editing page also has some rotation and vertical flip buttons in case for some reason your images uploaded sideways or with a mirrored effect.

    When uploading Video or Audio please note that the file size limit is set to be super-low right now. We plan to increase this down the line but because the site is in BETA and we are testing performance, we need to keep this really low for now.

    Final Thoughts – This is an area where we want to give metalheads a lot of flexibility. Sharing media is key to how we want to express ourselves and the SkullsNBones team plans to make this functionality far more robust in the coming months. That said, we would love to get your feedback on the media section of your profile. Please feel free to comment here with suggestions or questions!

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